1. Employee, for his/her benefit herby authorizes Spectrum Health to deduct the amount specified above for the number of pay periods stated or such lesser amount as Spectrum Health determines is the maximum deduction allowed by law.
  2. Employee further authorizes Spectrum Health, upon termination of employment for any reason, to withhold payment of any expense reimbursements, vacation pay or other ETO payments to which s/he is otherwise entitled up to the amount of any unpaid principal under this note, and to set off that amount against the unpaid principal amount
  3. Employee acknowledges and declares:
    1. This authorization is given knowingly, voluntarily and without intimidation or threat of loss of employment, and the deduction made hereunder are for the benefit of the Employee.
    2. Neither this Authorization, nor any loan made in connection with this Authorization, confers any right to continuing employment or any other employment rights upon Employee.
    3. The giving of this Authorization does not limit or restrict Spectrum Health’s right to obtain repayment in part or in full through other means, nor excuse Employee from his/her obligation to repay in full the entire indebtedness.


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